Thursday, 18 October 2012


Being constipated is never a good feeling. With this health condition, people experience some embarrassing and frustrating moments in their routine living. However; at times people are not aware of the fact that they are affected by severe constipation problem.
To be precise what is constipation? It is a known intestinal problem, and at least happens to everyone once in their lifetime. With the condition, the person undergoes an unpleasant feeling of unable to pass the toxic material out of the body. Constipation makes the person feel full, and also the activity of passing the stool is painful.
Nobody as yet has determined the exact cause of constipation. It suddenly appears when you have some changes in your daily life such as flying out of the time zone, stressful work hours, changes in diet and such simple causes. Also, this condition varies from usual to extremes in people depending upon several factors like age, life style, eating habits etc.

Have a glance at the major causes of constipation
Poor Diet: It has showed that one of the major causes is the continuous eating of processed/can/frozen food. Lack of improper nutrition in your daily intake could be the primary cause of constipation. Also; with the timeliness you require to eat is important. Unhealthy eating timings can also lead you to constipation problem.
Life style: How you live is how it shows on your body. The kind of lifestyle you lead is another major cause of having a constipation problem. For instance, people travelling in and out of different time zones could be reason for this ailment.
Less Water Intake: Drinking less amount of water also hurdles your intestinal activities thus; occurrence of constipation is normal. Drinking water doesn't mean to drink 12 glasses of water, but also adding other liquids like juices or some other healthy fluids to your daily routine.
Stress:  This is again a vital factor that major role plays in having constipation. Stressful working hours or stressed family life has been proved to be the cause of constipation. However; not all of us know this could be one of the reasons behind appearing constipation.
Surgical Problems: Conditions like surgical procedures or pregnancy can also lead to constipation. After any surgery, there are some hormonal changes experienced especially during and after the pregnancy which makes it difficult for the toxic material to pass, and as a result constipation occurs.
The above mentioned causes are the major ones, but there could be lot of causes of constipation that one discovers eventually. Effective coping is the only solution to this problem. Getting changed your routine, eating habits and mild form of exercises can help to overcome the problem. In severe cases, people are treated with laxatives. Constipation is the symptom of the beginning of the illness or diseases. Thus; being careful with what you are eating and drinking will certainly helpful in eliminating the problem. With the above general understanding, you now know the best on how to treat the constipation. The solution is quite simple, to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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