Tuesday, 23 October 2012


In the old days, the attitude towards the family was different. We didn't know about "planning a family", like what is known today, you work hard and you get pregnant. No place for doubts, questions, and women knew their place. Which is at home with the children, cooking, cleaning, and waiting for the husband?
But those days are gone,
Today a couple talking about the future like it is a business, their planning ahead. Talking about how many kids they want, and they try to see if they have the same family dream.
couples want to have a big family because they grew in big family and that's what they are use to. Some believe that a big family is happier and livelier than a small one. Some parents think that having a lot of children means that as the kids grows there will be a lot of help that they can receive as they grow however because of modern way of life today it is not advisable anymore to have lots of children.
First because the women of today are more career women then being a mother. Motherhood is a full time job and takes care of the kids all day.
Second, this generation is different, more materialistic. What makes a big expense, if before the kids used to play with a friend, today (unfortunately) the desire for machines, computer, TV, PlayStation 2, and that is changing the family budget.
There are some parents that want only one or maybe two, because they come from a small family, or because of financial reasons.
Today, family planning is very helpful among couples not only because of financial reasons but also with some other factors. A two or three years of pregnancy interval is very helpful for a mother since during those two to three years she can get back all the strength that were lost during pregnancy.
Also, the health of each child can be well observed and taken care of. if you only have two or three kids compared to having five or more since it will be hard to focus on each kid at the same time. You can guide each child if you only have few and it will not be hard for the parents to raise them because there will be enough time to spend on each child.
So if you look on this issue deeper you see that there is no right and wrong. There is not one answer. There is different answer to each couple as long as the couple talks this threw and shares with each other what is the family dream.

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