Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SECRET TO GETTING ANY GIRL TO LIKE YOU: Is it possible for any man to make a girl like him?


Trying to get a girl to like you and having no idea how to go about it can be very stressing. You can already picture it. You want to kiss her, take her home and make her want you even more. But where do you start? Is it possible for any man to make a girl like him? Well, as impossible as it may sound, a guy can have almost any girl falling head over heels for him. Here are some secrets to getting this done.
90% of men will start formulating plans to get a girl as soon as they interact with her. The problem arises when the guy isn't too sure about his approach. Most men will shy off and miss out on something that could have been wonderful. Well here are some tips that will take you out of your predicament easily.
The truth is, there really isn't much to loose when deciding whether to approach a girl or not. Most men actually prefer rejection as opposed to living in doubt of what could have been. Women are talkers in general and love to have a good listener. This is where you come in. Be curious about her life. Start by asking about her job, family and hobbies. At this point, it is all about her and nothing about you. Show interest in knowing more about her feelings towards her job and ask clever questions just to show her that you have been listening. Once you get to know her better, go deeper and become incredibly curious about her inner world. Find out what excites her, what scares her, how she feels and other related questions. This will win you a lot of points towards making her your own.
Another secret towards achieving this goal is simply standing your ground. What I mean by this is simply acting like you don't need her. This is not the same as being cocky, mind you. Make her believe that you just want her to be your friend. This creates a lot of curiosity within her and it will only be a matter of time before she thinks of you 27/7.
Dressing to kill will not only boost your confidence but will help you attract many girls. Assuming that you are after a particular girl, be sure to dress nicely whenever and wherever you meet. Investing in expensive cologne will be a good way to attract her.
Girls love compliments. Tell her that she looks beautiful and take time to see whether she has done something new with her hair or nails. However, be careful not to go overboard with the compliments. The last thing you want is your girl thinking that you are a fake.
Now listen carefully. If you are worried about your looks, your weight or any other features that you think will hinder you from getting a girl to like you, then we have the remedy for you. Click on the links and discover some of the few known secrets to getting any girl you want.

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