Tuesday, 4 August 2015


 By: Jhon Napier

Snoring is a very bothering problem and it can affect men and women alike. It doesn't only interfere with the sleep patterns of the sufferer, but it also bothers his or hers partner or people who sleep in the same room. Snoring can have a multitude of causes and identifying them correctly is the first step in solving the problem. Many people are willing to try home remedies for snoring for not bothering their partners anymore and for sleeping better. Such remedies are a very good choice because snoring can lead to sleep deprivation and this can have terrible consequences. The most important thing that you can do to prevent snoring is to keep your weight under control. Overweight people tend to snore more, so eat a balance diet and exercise.

It has been proved that regular exercise can keep snoring under control. It is one of the home remedies for snoring that also helps you have a good overall health condition. Exercise or take a walk each night before going to bed for around half an hour. The results will sure please you.

Snoring often occurs because the nasal passage is blocked and you can't breathe properly. Some popular home remedies for snoring help in decongesting nasal passages. Lots of people use nasal spray to cleanse their nasal passage before going to sleep. You can either buy an over the counter nasal solution or you can make your own saline one. You might also find relief using nasal strips which keep your nasal passage wide open and make breathing easier.

Partners of people who often snore have found out that repositioning might stop the annoying noise. It is one of the most effective remedies for snoring. If you sleep on your back, you might snore more often than if you sleep on one side. You can use the tennis ball trick to change your sleeping habits. Tie a tennis ball on the back of your pajama because it will prevent you from sleeping on the back. In short time, you will start sleeping on a side without the tennis ball.

There are also some special exercises which prevent snoring and they are effective home remedies for snoring. One of them would be to repeat all vowels out loud for several minutes every day.

Changing the life style can prove to be one of the best home remedies for snoring. If you smoke, quit because it will reduce snoring. Also avoid taking sleeping pills or drinking alcohol because these relax throat muscles and promote snoring.

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