Sunday, 14 April 2013


Heart and Nerves: The high dosage of potassium in bananas means a healthier heart and nervous system. Potassium aids muscle contraction and, therefore, benefits the beating of the heart, digestion and other muscular movements which is why it’s a good pre and post-workout snack.
Kidneys and Bones: Rich potassium levels also contribute to healthy kidney function and bone development. This is due to the potassium suppressing calcium loss through the urine, thereby allowing your body to absorb more of the bone-building mineral.
Blood and Immune System: The high content of Vitamin B6 supplies the body with fresh hemoglobin, a key blood ingredient. B6 also works to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by converting carbohydrates into glucose. The abundance of B6 in bananas also helps the body produce antibodies which are effectively used by the immune system to fight disease.
Mood Enhancer: A medium-sized banana contains approximately 10.6 mg of the amino acid tryptophan which is a key protein building block. Tryptophan is also a big player in the production of serotonin which acts as a mild sedative, producing a calming sensation in the brain.

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