Friday, 10 August 2012


kye Lamont is, in her own words, a "surrendered wife".
The key to the mother-of-three's healthy, happy marriage, she says, is always letting her husband Frank be the boss.
Frank, 43, "has all the power and makes all the decisions", Skye says with pride. "I'm happy to do whatever he wants!"
But it wasn't always like that between the couple. Skye, 34, once a high-flying career woman with her own business consultancy, says she used to be far more assertive with Frank. Now she much prefers being a submissive housewife.
"These days I'd much rather iron the trousers than wear them," she insists.
The busy mum — whose day is based around housework and caring for her three kids aged seven, two and eight months, whom she home schools — credits her new submissive outlook to controversial bestseller The Surrendered Wife, by American author Laura Doyle. This book tells women they should put men in charge, never nag, and let them feel like alpha males.
Skye found the book so inspiring she has even set up her own "surrendered circle", where women can discuss how to do even more for their men and make them feel more powerful and dominant.
Like many of the book's other disciples, Skye now has "no idea" how much money she and her husband have. "I have handed all of our financial matters over to Frank. He is the breadwinner. I am the homemaker," she says. "He has all the power. He buys what we need and gives me pocket money."
And she swears the arrangement works wonderfully. "I've never been happier!"
Frank says that now his wife has handed over control of everything in their life to him, she is much more feminine and their sex life has never been better.
"Shewears make-up, takes real good care of herself and leaps into my arms when I come home each day," he says. "She looks after me properly, attends to my every whim and really listens to what I say.
"She loves that I'm in charge and that she doesn't have to worry about making any decisions. She knows it's all taken care of, and I love being the boss of the house…"

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