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You can actually plan it beforehand. You may have heard some old wives tale about what you can do to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. Some stories may tell about the sex positions that can help you conceive a boy or a girl, or by the food you eat. Sometimes it may also be based on the size of the moon - that, we don't know.
However, you can actually influence some factors that will help you pick the gender of your baby. Of course there are high-tech sex selection techniques if you want a very accurate way in choosing your baby's sex before conception. In vitro fertilization (IVF) for example is an accurate way of being able to choose the sex of your baby. It may give you a hundred percent accuracy of being able to determine the sex of your baby but, of course, the downside to that is cost.
However, you can do other natural ways in choosing your baby's sex even before conception. Proper timing of sexual intercourse using an ovulation calendar as well as sex position are known ways to do that.
Of course, the key to learning the basics in choosing your baby's sex before conception is to understand how fertilization occurs that leads to a baby boy or a baby girl. Understand that the 'boy' sperm cell carrying the Y chromosome can result to a boy and that the 'girl' sperm cell carrying the X chromosome can produce a baby girl. Moreover, the 'boy' sperm cell swims quicker than the (female) sperm cell thus you have to find the right timing with these two if you want to have a boy or a girl.
During ovulation, a woman's egg is only fertile for a short time - which may extend up to 24 hours, waiting for the sperm to fertilize it, thus it is the fast-swimming 'boy' sperm cell meets the woman's egg first, that could result to a baby boy. Thus if you want a boy, you have to work on scheduling your sexual contact during a woman's ovulation, where it can the swim fast and beat those slow-swimming female sperm cells.
If you want a girl, then you must avoid having sexual intercourse during ovulation. Of course, the male sperm cells are active and fast at these times beating your female sperm cells to it. Therefore, if you want to conceive a girl, have sexual contact 2 days or so before ovulation. At these times, the male sperm cells are weaker, thus sex cells with the female chromosome can mostly fertilize the egg cell resulting to a baby girl.
In this method of choosing your baby's sex, it is important to use a calendar or ovulation calendar to make it at least very effective and easy to mark those dates and schedules where you need to do sexual contact.
Indeed, you can choose your baby's sex even before sexual contact. With a little patience, of course, you can plan your families better.
Gender Disappointment has sadly become a recognised condition among new parents whose desire for a child of a given sex has not been fulfilled. Its symptoms have been likened to that of post-natal depression, and in some cases, can be part of its cause.
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