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Health Goes Upi
Coffee is very popular all over the world. It tastes good, helps you to wake up and stimulates your mind. Nevertheless, many people are trying to give up drinking coffee, or are trying to drink decaf coffee, because they are anxious about their health. Many doctors affirm that coffee can be injurious for health, when the other doctors are sure that coffee can benefit health and prevent many diseases. So, who is right?

Of course, drinking coffee can cause harm to you health, but it can also become a tasty treatment of some illnesses. Trying to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee, we’ll start with benefits.

1.First of all, regular coffee-drinkers (2-3 cups per day) can be safe from the cancer of the throat or oral cavity.
2.Your regular cup of coffee can increase your intellectual activity, when you are bored or tired.
3. High antioxidant activity makes coffee an excellent ally against Parkinson’s disease.
4. Coffee can protect against asthma due to theophylline.
5. Antioxidants and magnesium in coffee prevents type 2 diabetes.
6.Coffee helps to counter migraines and is an avowed anti-depressant.
7. Coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver.
8.Smokers should not avoid coffee, since it can help against bladder cancer, thanks to its diuretic effect.
9.Coffee protects your heart, and you may not afraid of cardiovascular diseases.
10. Due to content of tannin, coffee protects your teeth against caries.
11. Blepharospasm is one more disease you can avoid drinking coffee.
But drinking coffee, a person should always keep within limits. Two – three cups a day it’s norm, more than five – excess, which can lead to upsetting consequences.

Too much coffee can:

1. cause irritability and anxiety. This condition is, for sure, well-known to all the coffee-fans. Excessive coffee consumption leads to insomnia or to narcolepsy.
2. Coffee can protect against cancer, but it also contains a lot of acknowledged carcinogens: caffeine, creosote, tars, pymdine etc.
3. Drinking too much coffee raises cortisol level, which in turn causes higher blood pressure and harder heart pumping.
4. Coffee can affect pregnancy. It may lead to low birth weight, miscarriages, inability to conceive, birth defects, premature birth, and sluggish sperm.
5. Persons with glaucoma should avoid coffee, since it may increase intraocular pressure.
6. Caffeine leaches calcium from the bones and may aggravate osteoporosis.
7. Chemicals in coffee can irritate the stomach lining.
8. Iron deficiency anemia is the problem of coffee-drinkers.
9. Coffee contains a lot of vitamin K, which can affect coagulability of the blood.
Comparing all the risks and benefits we can notice, that drinking coffee is a benefit, but the excess of coffee is harm. Never the less, there are some categories of people, who should never drink coffee. It is strictly prohibited to nursing or pregnant women, persons with high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol and people with mental illnesses, anxiety or insomnia. Mind your health and keep within limits, and coffee will became your best friend!

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