Monday, 4 August 2014


Is There a Cure for Ebola?
There is no cure for Ebola to kill the virus; however, research scientists are working on a new vaccine that may prevent infection. When symptoms of Ebola do begin, healthcare providers can only offer supportive care.
Can Ebola Be Cured?
Time is the only Ebola cure. There are currently no proven Ebola treatment options that can kill the Ebola virus, and there is no Ebola vaccine that can prevent an infection.

Time as an Ebola "Cure"
A person will not feel sick for several days to a few weeks after being infected with the Ebola virus. When Ebola symptoms do develop, healthcare providers can only offer supportive care. Supportive care involves treating symptoms and complications of Ebola while the body fights the infection. Supportive care for Ebola can include:

    Good nursing care
    Oxygen and devices that help with breathing
    Intravenous (IV) fluids to maintain fluids and electrolytes
    Medications to control fever, help the blood clot, and maintain blood pressure
    Antibiotics to prevent secondary infections.
Despite supportive care, 50 to 90 percent of Ebola patients do not survive the infection.

Could a Vaccine Be a Cure for Ebola?
Some Ebola research scientists have focused their efforts on developing a new Ebola vaccine. This vaccine may prevent Ebola hemorrhagic fever from developing, but will not be a cure for Ebola. The Ebola vaccine is currently being tested in clinical trials.

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