Thursday, 3 July 2014


AJU Global Media Limited is an umbrella company for AJU Global INC USA, AJU Morgan Elumelu Foundation, AJU Television, AJU Music, AJU tourism connect, and AJU Blog.
Mary-Jane AJU Elumelu-James the CEO/MD of these companies is an international artist, television executive and a business development professional AJU started her tourism business to bridge the gap between Nigeria and other parts of the world.  “It is a well documented fact world over, that Nigerians are well traveled. “Why don’t we just make the process seamless for them” We are building a business that is sustainable.  We first qualify our customers and if there is any indication that anyone of them is a flight risk, that person is immediately disqualified. We package tours and help process visas.  We do not guarantee any visa, but we understand that people can be rejected from contradiction in their paper work. We have a ‘turn key’ approached to this business. We educate our clients to be truthful with all the information that that provide us.
We are excited that so many people are beginning to patronize us even though we have just opened our doors.  We organize educational tours, political tours, entertainment tours, recreational tours, family tours, cruises and many more. We are currently planning 7day tours to Atlanta Georgia and Paris in August and in September we equally have another tour to Atlanta.  We definitely have in the works more tours to the USA, Spain, Paris, South Africa, Ghana and more.

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