Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Why men like wet kisses? ANI, Aug 9, 2009 (Why men like wet kisses?…) When you share a kiss with your man, you reveal a lot more than just passion. US scientists have found that modern man uses smooch to pick up traces of estrogen in a woman's saliva and thus gauge her fertility. Anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University says that such behaviour may explain why men like wet kisses with more 'tongue action'. While at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago, Fisher said that wet kisses could also be an unconscious attempt to transfer testosterone to the woman, which would stimulate her sexual interest. Do men and women really enjoy wet sloppy kisses? Sure you can enjoy long, slow wet kisses. Maybe without the "sloppy" part. Our bodies release hormones when we kiss. It is what starts the dance. In fact I am totally in tune with my body and just let go. Kissing and foreplay are such a part of the actual sex act. Just kissing does not mean you will "do it". Hopefully we are adults now and can just say no or stop. Kissing is part of finding out if we are compatable. As adults we "should" have self control or the ability to play a little an still have fun. We are still sexual beings no matter how old we get. I hope that feeling never goes away. If we start making rules I cannot french kiss I am too old... well I hope I don't ever get that old. Nothing better in my book that a great kisses before, during and maybe a little less after but please kiss me with passion. Love it. There is an art to kissing. Know or learn you partner and hopeful they learn your body language. If you are truly into your partner you will not need a road map the passion will guide you. Focus on only yourself and that partner may not like the long slow, wet kisses. Do it right and you both will love. That is my take and I will stick with that. Love kissing. Now, put me with a guy I don't like or really not my type... that kissing would be such a huge turn off. Let your body be your guide and pay attention then let go. There is a difference between porn and erotic, a difference between like the partner and don't. I personally love sensual, erotic, long slow wet kisses. And maybe unless you get a guy or gal that hates oral...kisses is great.

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