Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Everyone's stomach growls at some point or another, and it's usually nothing to be concerned about. The stomach and intestines can make noise before, during and after eating. The sound is the result of gas in the digestive system and the muscles of the stomach and intestines contracting as a result of hormones released by the brain. Sometimes just thinking about food, and certainly seeing or smelling it, can trigger your stomach to growl. A vociferous stomach can be embarrassing in public situations, even though everybody experiences it. Fortunately, there are reliable ways to quiet your tummy.
Eat a few crackers or other bland snack food. Stomachs often growl because they are empty, so having a little snack will usually tide you over between meals so that your stomach doesn't make so much noise. Choose a snack that's simple and easy to digest.
Drink some Ginger Ale or 7-up. Some clear soda helps to eliminate stomach noises caused by gas because they encourage you to eliminate gas or burp, thus releasing the gas in your digestive system. Clear carbonated drinks can help with mild stomach pain, as well.

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