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Sex addiction like all addictions has a negative impact on the addict and on the family members. It can place the relationship at risk and put the addict in a position where he or she is unable to live a normal life. Let us discuss the negative effects of sex addiction to the self and the family:

Effects to the self
Sex addiction is best described as a state of a person who has an unusually high sex drive or obsession with sex—a misuse of natural sex drive. It usually starts during puberty but can also develop later in life. Once it starts, an addicted person may attempt to control it, but cannot. As the addiction progresses, all the aspects of the person's life is affected.Just like other types of addiction, it can lead a person to desire sex and the thought of sex more and more, leading to various acts including pornography addiction, chronic masturbation, phone sex, extramarital affairs for married individuals, voyeurism, and sexual intercourse with anonymous person. Sex addiction may also lead to becoming sex offenders, although not all sex offenders are sex addicts.Once a person becomes addicted to sex, he or she loses self-respect, desire for intimate relationship, and avoid association with family and relatives.

Effects to the family
All addictions present negative effects to the family of the addict. Alcohol, drug, and sex addictions almost always destroy the family and relationships.When the head of the family is a sex addict, the effects to the family is more severe.Based on statistics, 70% of sex addicts have marital or relationship problems; 40% of sex addicts lose a partner or a spouse.The effects of sex addiction do not end here. Many cases lead to serious medical, financial and even legal burdens.Since sex addicts may engage into anonymous sex, he or she is more prone to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. If the person is married, he or she may even transmit the disease to his or her partner. Syphilis, genital warts, genital herpes, and gonorrhea can easily be transmitted by a sex addict.For a sex addict, sex and the desire for sex is the main priority. Everything else is secondary. Losing a job is very possible. This affects the family even further. Sex addict's uncontrollable lifestyle may even lead to arrest and incarceration, putting more pressure to a fragile relationship with the family.Overall, sex addiction doesn't bring any good thing to a person, much more to his or her love ones. But just like any other addictions, it can be treated.

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