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Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin
Posted by Bukola Ademayo on February 27, 2011 at 8:14pm in Culture

Wonderful peace by Bukola Ademayo, I wanted to feature this beautiful article on my blog because I hear people make negative comments about dark skin people.  I happen to think that black is extremely beautiful.

Have you noticed how there's so much discrimination against dark-skinned individuals?  You hear people like you and me - Nigerians - openly trying to differentiate themselves from being black as much as they can.
They act like being black(dark) is a disease.  What happened to the  'black is beautiful' revolution?  Nowadays, the farther you are from being (dark) black the more accepted you are.  Guys like you more, girls want to hang out with you.  Didn't we get enough [trouble] already for being black, with slavery, racism and all?
Last week I was supposed to hitch a ride with a friend's boyfrend and I asked if I could bring a friend along.  And when the guy saw how dark-skinned she was, he was like "hope that 'black one' isn't your friend because there's no room for her".  I was so put off by what he said.  I gave him a piece of my mind and got out of the car.  I saw him as one of dose feeble minded few who don't know better.  What did he mean by "that black one"?  The last time I checked we were all black.

What do you all feel about this?

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