Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lady Gaga Debuts Creepy, Nude Ad For New ‘Fame’ Fragrance

Leave it to Lady Gaga to take what could be a tasteful nude and make it as creepy as possible. To promote her debut fragrance called Fame (presumably named after her first album The Fame), the perfume's freshly released print ad features a completely nude Gaga barely covered by strategically placed tiny men crawling all over her! This certainly isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has appeared practically nude, regularly flashing the goods in strange and skimpy couture pieces and even baring her breasts in fashion editorials (all artfully done, of course). But the fact that Gaga expressed some apprehension about her Fame ad via Twitter makes the image all the more intriguing. If the queen of shock pop is a little nervous, we all should brace ourselves.

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The singer tweeted, "i won't lie I'm a bit nervous. its been a while since i've shared some work with you. But i'm so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep! (sic)." She's referring to Steven Klein, the famed photographer who is known for his edgy, high fashion editorials, designer ad campaigns and has, ironically, worked very closely with Madonna on a number of projects.
At first glance the ad looks like a "Birth of Venus" body beautiful nude of Lady Gaga with something like tarantulas crawling all over her. But upon closer inspection, the infestation are a hoard of body-by-Zeus, Robert Mapplethorpe-esque muscle men free climbing the singer's body. Gaga looks great. The men individually look great. But the way everything was superimposed, the ad could only be the most gratuitous fetish fantasy for some, or a terrifying nightmare for others--not much room for any shade of gray. Just the way Gaga intended, surely.
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Fame will come in two sizes, a more affordable small size to be priced at about $30 and a large size dubbed "Le Masterpiece" expected to be priced at more than $70. Fame will hit stores in September and is promoted as being the very first black-colored eau de parfum that will become invisible once sprayed.
Although the creepy, yet intriguing black and white ad may align more with initial reports of Gaga's debut fragrance being inspired by blood and sperm, luckily for Little Monsters the scent will have more of a traditional "floral and fruity" fragrance.
Would you buy Lady Gaga's new fragrance? What do you think of her new ad? Leave your comments below!

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