Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mercy Ngozi Alu Drop New Album: Chidimma!

Mercy Ngozi Alu, (Queen of Nigerian Gospel music) is a successful Gospel music recording artist, a songwriter and vocalist who hails from Nigeria.

A college graduate from Indiana University Pennsylvania, her style of music delivery has been greatly influenced by the “fusion” of heavy percussion infused rhythms, owing to her background as an African, and the incursion of Western rhythm in her music. In 2001, she was a guest on the famous Voice Of America Radio, Washington D.C. On the show with Rita Rochelle, aired worldwide in twenty three countries, including Darfur,

Sudan, where Ms. Ngozi talked about her philanthropist work, through her music, in Darfur,  Sudan and other African countries that are just recovering from civil war. She uses her music as part of the healing process to helping women and children in such countries who are immediate victims of these ravaging civil wars,  working with various organizations to rebuild schools and good roads. During this time, Ms. Ngozi a.k.a Queen of the Nigerian Gospel music also dedicated her first album to the American Medical Team for Africa, a non-profit organization which works hard to combat major illnesses such as Malaria, polio, kwashiorkor etc. Ngozi’s first album titled “Jewels of Africa” was released on Elite-Platinum Entertainment Records label in California.

Her current and latest album with title track “Chidimma” is fully laden with the rich and authentic African rhythms of Soukous (a rhythm from the East Africa region) and Makossa tune. This is a must listen sing along praise medley that will keep you dancing, regardless of your race or color.  The rhythm and groove is so catchy that you’ll be held spell bound, dancing to this music till you can’t dance no more. Mercy Ngozi  Alu continues to remain very significant in mentoring youth, in Africa and Diaspora and has supported, through her music, the Nigerian Association of Public Professionals, a Not-for-profit Organization which raises money to help support the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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