Saturday, 18 February 2012

Glitz and Glamour of AJU

Aju at the audition of her show
Aju with some of her crew

Aju engaged the youths in her talk show 

Aju keeping it real...smiles with simplicity

Aju performing at the Nigerin Next Super Model Casting


Aju with some of Nigerian Next Super Model girls
Aju and Martin Luther King lll
Aju in Gambia
Gambia Vice President and Aju.

Aju in a press conference

Aju and her Oriental Hotel

Aju on stage performing

Aju rocking
Aju dance with kids

Aju performing in Nigeria Fashion Show

Diva in Aju
Aju in middle of interview with Reuters

Aju and Idris

Stylish Aju

Grate smiles

Aju and her family

Aju and Nigeria Actress

Aju and her family

Aju and her family in Atlanta USA

Aju and Gambia Ambassador  to America
Martin Luther Kind lll and Aju

Gambia's Vice President

Aju and her Gambia's kids

Aju host the Gambia kids
Aju football team in Gambia

Aju and Gambia's Under-17 Captain
Aju and her Gambia's kids

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