Sunday, 17 July 2011

Obama: Americans back me on debt deal

President Obama on Friday pointed to polls to argue that his proposal of a "balanced approach" on a debt deal - one that includes revenue increases as well as spending cuts - is what the American people want.
"My Republican friends have said that they're not willing to do revenues, and they have repeated that on several occasions," he told reporters at a news conference at the White House. "My hope, though, is that they're listening not just to lobbyists or special interests here in Washington, but they're also listening to the American people. Because it turns out, poll after poll, many done by your organizations, show that it's not just Democrats who think we need to take a balanced approach, it's Republicans as well."
A Gallup Poll released Wednesday found that only 20 percent of Americans support a deal that only includes spending cuts, something Republicans have insisted on. Another 30 percent wanted a deal that was "mostly" spending cuts, and 32 percent wanted a deal split equally between spending cuts and tax increases. Eleven percent favored a deal that was mostly or all tax increases.
"The clear majority of Republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include some revenues," Mr. Obama said. "That's not just Democrats. That's the majority of Republicans." (That Gallup poll found that only one in four Republicans favor a deal that is only spending cuts.)

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